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Cucurbitacin I CAS: 2222-07-3

Category: Inhibitors
Product Name: Cucurbitacin I
Cat No: I000030
CAS No: 2222-07-3
Synonyms: (8S,9R,10R,13R,14S,16R,17R)-17-[(E,2R)-2,6-dihydroxy-6-methyl-3-oxohept-4-en-2-yl]-2,16-dihydroxy-4,4,9,13,14-pentamethyl-8,10,12,15,16,17-hexahydro-7H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene-3,11-dione
Molecular Formula: C30H42O7
Molecular Weight: 514.7
SMILES: O=C(C1(C)C)C(O)=C[C@]2([H])C1=CC[C@]([C@@](C[C@@H](O)[C@]3([H])[C@](O)(C)C(/C=C/C(C)(O)C)=O)(C)[C@]3(C)C4)([H])[C@@]2(C)C4=O
Solubility: 10 mM in DMSO
Target: JAK
Storage: Store at -20°C
CAS 2222-07-3,Cucurbitacin I
  • Description

Cucurbitacin I is a naturally occurring triterpenoid derived from Cucurbitaceae family plants that exhibits a number of potentially useful pharmacological and biological activities.
IC50 value:
In vitro: Exposure of the COLO205 cells to cucurbitacin I significantly decreased cell viability. Furthermore our data demonstrated for the first time that in the COLO205 cells, cucurbitacin I could suppress the cell migration and invasion, and harbor chemosensitization activity against colon cancer. The anticancer activity of cucurbitacin I was accomplished by downregulating p-STAT3 and MMP-9 expression [1]. PE-induced cell enlargement and upregulation of ANF and β-MHC were significantly suppressed by pretreatment of the cardiomyocytes with cucurbitacin I. Notably, cucurbitacin I also impaired connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) and MAPK signaling, pro-hypertrophic factors, as well as TGF-β/Smad signaling, the important contributing factors to fibrosis. The protective impact of cucurbitacin I was significantly blunted in CTGF-silenced or TGF-β1-silenced hypertrophic cardiomyocytes, indicating that the compound exerts its beneficial actions through CTGF [2].
In vivo:

  • Spec

Appearance:A crystalline solid

  • References

[1]. Song J, et al. Cucurbitacin I inhibits cell migration and invasion and enhances chemosensitivity in colon cancer. Oncol Rep. 2015 Apr;33(4):1867-71.
[2]. Jeong MH, et al. Cucurbitacin I Attenuates Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy via Inhibition of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CCN2) and TGF- β/Smads Signalings. PLoS One. 2015 Aug 21;10(8):e0136236.

price inquiry for CAS:2222-07-3, Product:Cucurbitacin I
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